Line (pen) scanners for copying text on books etc


Has anyone used these devices for university etc? I have one but it’s a bit old and am thinking of buying some more of these products and have looked at some, as below:

Has anyone got any of the above and have any recommendations to make? It’d be ideal if I can use a line scanner and not have to have it connected to a computer in order to copy text, so I’ll browse through the above links and see if this applies to any of them.

Any help will be greatfully appreciated.

Got it -

Actually I changed my mind to something different. :slight_smile:

Actually tried that it was a bit naff.

I got a HP CapShare scanner for whole page copies and a C-Pen for smaller works. Pleased with both items. Got the Capshare for $80.36 (£45.00) including special delivery. The famous delete button didn’t work but my brother is fixing it. Could have got a new one sealed but some US seller is asking over £400 for an item which dates back at least 5 years!

The HP scanner is very accurate. The only drawback is that it can only do monochrome and HP discontinuing this line doesn’t help. Would have been nice if they continued to the product until at least they used USB for the device, so this could solve the delete button issue by deleting files via the Windows interface as you normally do for other USB devices recognised as a mass storage device such as mobile phones and dictaphones.

I’ve attached one of my first scans of a past exam paper at university. I scan around 50 pages and the device works on 2xAA batteries and you can preview your scan before uploading to the computer later on.

Just thought I’d post this. :slight_smile: