Line keeps appearing on the bottom of my laptop screen

all help is dearly appreciated!!!

there’s something wrong with my laptop screen
at the bottom, a line (2-3mm) keeps appearing/reappearing every 2 seconds.
the line is reflective of the very top part of my screen.
for example, now i have my mozilla open, then the line on the bottom is flashing the top portion of a mozilla window.
i tried print screen to show the line. but the screenshot won’t capture it.
please help! it is very distracting… is it something wrong with my graphics card?
my laptop isn’t even that old (3 months!!)
thank you so much for reading!

Brand/model of laptop? Have you made any recent changes, software or hardware? Running Vista? Double checked screen resolution?

change to a lower screen resolution and see if you still have the line.

thanks for answering!!

yepyep i tried lowering it, but its still there… still the same 2-3mm size line even at 400x600

my laptop is vaio cs, yes running vista :frowning: but i dont think its a known problem right… i tried googling but got no results :frowning:

Since it is only 3 months old send it in for warranty repair.

i have the same problem too… my laptop is vaio cs-33g. what happened to your laptop now? did they fixed it? what was their diagnosis? thank you…

same problem here, my vaio cs is 6 months old… any solution??

Hi and Welcome!

the only solution is to have the laptop serviced under warranty. (Hopefully it hasn’t expired yet). Contact Sony support as soon as possible.