Lindows - What do u think?

What do u think about Lindows? What types of Windows programs would you like it to support?

I think it is an interesting idea and would like to try it out when it’s available. I run Windows 98 and XP on 1 machine (dual boot) and have Red Hat Linux on another. I use my Windows machine alot more because it has the most software available for it. I also like Windows for it’s ease of use. Linux is far more stable and seems to be a lot faster at some things, although there is little software for it and it can be a pain in the neck to install the software . Also if there is problems with Linux support is scarce.

If Lindows makes it out I would like to see support for burning apps like Nero and CloneCD. Support for games would also be nice.

I also forsee this OS as a good link to more Linux software development with a better variety of programs to choose from, other than what Microsoft offers.

Got hold of the beta but a bit unsure of installing it yet. IF IT WORKS then this could be a great product as long as M$ don’t kill it.

From what I have read the Beta isn’;t too stable yet…

They have a long road ahead, but it might have a great future when it reaches the end of the road

It sounds like the perfect combination: Linux running windows programs, but it might be hard to run programs that involve hardware (eg. Nero and CloneCD), because they use many Windows-only properties.

Microsoft would definitely sue if they used hacked versions of microsoft code.