Lindows CEO funds Xbox hacking contest - Anonymous funder

I just posted the article Lindows CEO funds Xbox hacking contest - Anonymous funder.

On the open source developers website Sourceforge there is a project called the Xbox-Linux project. This project aims to run Linux on the Xbox, first with a mod chip, and in the end with an…

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Yay! Go Lindows!

haha- thats great! i just wish lindows could play all the games that windows 98 can. if it could- i would switch.

His money would be better served getting lindows to run properly or he’ll be heading down the same road as m$crosh$t…:7

Okay Im usually all about choice but this I believe takes things abit off the deep end. Its an advanced Atari for the sake of argument. It would be like someone championing the use of Solaris as a desktop OS. I believe his money and others timne could be spent in better ways.