Limp Bizkit supports Napster

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Limp Bizkit Teams With Napster, Announces Free Concerts

Rock group Limp Bizkit has announced a…

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great love it

One just goes with napster and gains more status in the eyes of surfers like that

nice marketing guys when soemeone sues napster and their your concurrents and by that everybody who uses mp3 hates them then just team up with napster and they’ll love you nice seen Limp bizkit boys

At least one artist that’s smart

A lot of artists found mp3 a wonderful way to promote music, and we ended up with thousands of ‘legal mp3’ songs nobody likes.
So I would be sceptical about that. I already noticed one inconsistency:
‘Napster will support tour costs such as travel, venue rentals, and lights, giving the band close to $2 million’ - ‘I would think the only people worried about that are people that are really worried about their bank accounts.’

Yes, I always liked Limp Bizkit. Now I am downloading his album. Keep supporting Napster Biz Limpkit!! 8)

See! Bands can still get paid with-out the aid of a record company. Just have advertizers pay for the tours and give the music away for free on the Internet!!!

The Limp Bizkit and Method Man joint rocks! Maybe we should flood Dr.Dre a little sample of “Shut the Fuck up!”… Id think hed get the point that untalented prick…

Finally, someone with a brain. Congrats Limp Bizkit. More power to you and get them tunes!!