Limited use DVD technology in development

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nider used our newssubmit to tell us that two companies are creating different techniques to make DVD discs unusable after a set period of time.

SpectraDisc has a patent on a…

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Can only say the same Domin8tor. Atlast a cheap DVD rental service function.

You know what’s going to happen: People will rip the DVD, and burn it to DVD-R, thus rendering this technology useless.

I really wish actually this technology can proove sucesful. It gives you the ability to have a Rental store which rents you the DVD you watch it at your leisure and don’t have to return the DVD. I guess that isn’t rental but it might be “sold” in rental stores. Then of course some of us might copy them to a CD-R disk and watch it as many times as we like but… Even without that it is nice stuff.

OMG, they’re bring back divx? No not the codec… remember way back when DVD was first introduced? There was another format call divx with this “can only be viewed for a limited time” idea. It failed… obviously. Looks like it’s gonna fail again. I don’t think this technology will go anywhere. My opinion of course. :slight_smile:

‘rip-once’:4 DVD movies… I’ll try it…once:7

Thats the stupist idea yet. Why even bother. Rent them now for 2 to 3 bucks and rip them. Then encode to a SVCD with Cinema Craft Encoder and it looks perfect!!

or if your like me just buy the dvd movies and watch them in perfect quality with no ripping etc I buy like 3 DVD’s per month

If this thing is coated with a film, im assuming that after the laser passes a certain spot of the DVD more than a few times, it destroys the data?? If this is true, what about rewinding/seeking? If you got a copy of the DVD and watched a ertain part of a movie (rewound a few times), part of the CD would be screwed, right? This technology seems useless…

I think that this technology is a great idea. Of course it is from a pirating point of view, but I also mean for the industry. The reason why Divx failed was because you needed a special DVD viewer in order to view them. Who would go out and buy one of these if they already had a DVD player? If these DVDs work on the current players it will be great. They could the DVDs all over the place, in Kmart, in Cosco, etc… Think about it, they put a few of the latest movies on the counter where you check out. While you are waiting to check out you remember that the movie is a good movie, and look at the price tag which is $3. I know I would buy it. Who really watches a movie over and over again? My favorite movie is Gladiator, I’ve seen it 4 times. So if they make a decent amount of rewatchabilities , I think it can succeed. And if you really think the movie deserves to be watched over and over again, well buy it and then pirate it, but most of the movie I BUY only get watched twice or less. I guess they are compromising between our requests and theirs. We want cheaper DVDs/music cds, and they are partially giving them to us. How long does it take you guys to rip a movie to your HD and convert it to an MPEG? 4-6 hours or even more? Who wants to go through this hassle, AND buy a cd when they could just put a couple of bucks out?

I think its a waste of material… really now, the only thing i would buy that are good for one shot are bullets and food. :wink: