Limited stock of Plextor PX-40TS still sold - production stopped

I just posted the article Limited stock of Plextor PX-40TS still sold - production stopped.

The Japanese website reports that Plextor Japan is selling their latest stock of the Plextor PX-40TS. This SCSI 40x CD-ROM drive is very populair by many people because its good…

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I believe this information is false. The last time I checked with Plextor (2 weeks ago) these drives were to be manufactured for an additional two years. Why? Well these drives are used in all IBM servers and plan to be used in the same way for quite some time. I’d check on this information with a contact in Plextor first, as it is probably incorrect or based on an assumption that made off of some real information from Plextor Japan.

If you had read the newsposting more carefully you would have read that the quote in the article comes directly from the Marketing & Sales Manager of Plextor Europe.

That’s wonderful, DoMiN8ToR, but Plextor Europe has a habit of talking on the behalf of the global company and being wrong. They originally stated that they were out of the SCSI drive business, when Plextor America and Plextor Japan did not feel the same way. If you have a contact anywhere out of Plextor Europe, I’d ask them. Trust me on this one. They’ve issued statements that were not necessarily true before.

I have no reason to doubt the words of Plextor Europe, till now they have always been accurate and helpfull in their reporting to us. Also the Japanese Plextor website clearly states that only the last stock is sold. Of course if we receive information that the above is incorrect we will report it!

I just have my doubts. I was told by a manager that IBM has scheduled to use the UltraPlex 40 for at least two years. Plextor Europe announced on the behalf of Plextor that they were pulling out of the SCSI business. That is not what Plextor desired, and you’ll see an upcoming product that proves this much at least. Here’s another question, though. Do you have any decent contacts here in Plextor America?

I don’t know who you are PreacherBoy, but I would advise due care when taking on a Moderator/Admin for you will loose credibility on this site very quick. Please read all the facts not just what you want too see ok. This is good advice I am giving you! It is a hard lesson to learn in life,we have all been there. sometimes its best too keep quiet and keep your opinions too youself In otherwords try and be more tactful. I am positive the CDFreaks Management would agree with me on this. You have wasted a whole topic trying too make a case against DoMiN8ToR. An apology wouldn’t go unoticed, I leave that in your hands. Greets too the CDFreaks Management and all other members. The Diplomat :8

That’s great, but unnecessary. It wouldn’t take any staff member to figure out who I am and realize that I know what I am talking about. They’re just going to have to keep it quiet if I am going to participate in conversations during my free time. While some of the things I say might be heated, there are based on fact. I highly doubt that any staff members, being in the press, can feel right about making claims when everything they see has to go through some sort corporate filter first. The staff just needs to realize that there are people in the industry that have access to many more details than they do and base their opinions on knowledge that is not currently available to the public. I’m not going to break any agreements, but at the same time I can tell you where you are right, wrong, and probably wrong. That’s all I’m going to say. DoMiN8ToR will eventually figure it out.

Hey PreacherBoy! What IBM servers are you talking about ? Go to: Select Servers and click on Parts Information and Service parts in the pull down menu. There you’ll find all the components put in any given IBM server. Apart from a few early PC Servers, NOT manufactured for more than 3 years now, ALL IBM NEFINITY & xSeries servers have been using IDE CD-ROM drives!!! Mostly LG and Samsung drives!!! So I don’t know what amount of SCSI CD-ROM drives Plextor has got in its stocks, but regarding IBM Servers using SCSI CD-ROM drive … YOU’RE TALKING SHITE!!! Nuff Said! Respect to the CD-Freaks Team!.. a good house for news and reviews! :wink:

Actually, you’re quite wrong. Just because you cannot find it on IBM’s entry-level server website does not mean that they are not available in the high-end Linux and cluster servers. Anyone who has to use 3 exclamation points in a statement is full of shit. :slight_smile:

Actually, I was wrong… because I looked through the service parts of these servers which don’t state whether the drives are SCSI or IDE. After re-doing my homework, I found this: which shows that the Plextor 40TS is indeed used in the xSeries 370, 350 and 250… which I’m really glad about since I’ve owned a Plexwriter 124TS since January 2000 and think that this brand kicks ass!!! And yes, you noted well another bunch of exclamation marks which makes me as full of shit (in your own words) as yourself for backing from saying "Well these drives are used in ###ALL### IBM servers " to “high-end Linux and cluster servers.” mostly. It’s funny how you think Plextors drives are not in “ALL IBM servers” anymore but just a minority of them. Linux clusters and other high-end servers which because of their price don’t sell so many units won’t force Plextor to stock that many drives in the future. (And yes I know that cluster=nodes of servers equipped with cdrom drives). In any case, Plextor’ stocks will go in priority to IBM, which does imply that the quantity is going to be limited for end users. I made a mistake stating that newer IBM Servers used only IDE CDROM drives (although in reality they mostly do, since they are cheaper and customers would rather use their scsi channels for tape drives than a cdrom drive that they’ll only use when installing the OS and Applications and almost never after). So Preacherboy, don’t start to think that the name you chose makes you speak the holy truth. Neither that it allows you to call people names because you DID made a mistake too stating that ALL IBM servers used this drive (which I consequently called: “talking shite” attacking what you were saying… not yourself!). To get finished with you, feel free to chill out, or else, if you want to reply to me with other insults because of the way I spell or punctuate my sentences, well… you are free to put yourself as low or as high as you wanna be. The only important thing about this page is that despite what one might think, the Plextor PX-40TS is really good drive that is about to disappear no matter what, and if you realize that, you might as well get yourself one of them now, regardless of its present or future availability. Fortunaletly, the future is bright with possible new models of scsi drives from Plextor ( ) as well as DVD drives and writers that are becoming so cheap that buying CD-ROM drives with no writing capabilities makes less and less sense and will most likely totally disappear in years, if not months, to come. So long. :8

I’ll concede that I was wrong when I said “all IBM servers” as that wasn’t what I meant to say. It was either meant to read “all high-end IBM servers”, “all SCSI-based IBM servers”, or a specific line of IBM servers. At any rate, you had no right to talk about my credibility as you have no fucking clue who I am, what I do, or how I live. Those facts don’t matter in this conversations, yet you brought it up. I already have a few PX-40TS here, but I’ll be looking to pick up a sample of the black bezel variety when I return to Plextor’s office. Thanks for the information on Plextor’s future releases, but I don’t need it. I’m quite surprised that CDFreaks doesn’t have the full read/write speed capabilities of this drive that we will be seeing soon, but alas. Judging by the write speeds and strategies, I think this will be the last SCSI drive model capable of writing CD-R/RW. :slight_smile: