Limited reading cycles of discs? Bitfading causes?


In 1980, the CDDA was praised for infinite reading cycles unlike vinyl/PVC/polysterene.
Factory pressed discs probably have no considerable reading cycle limitations. They would die from disc rot much earlier, even if being read permanently. Same for M-Disc and ISO 10995 golden archival grade discs?

But how about low quality CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/RW media?
Could they suffer from bitfading when read too frequently?
How often can a CQ-CD-R(w) (CQ=crappy quality) be read before losing data?

Let’s assume: A drive is powered on for 2 years non-stop.
If the same sector of the disc is read 100 times each second for two years, would that sector be readable still?

3156000000 reading cycles on an exact same sector on a CD-R CQ. Three billion times.