Limited availability at Wal-mart for Philips Blu-ray BDP9000

I just posted the article Limited availability at Wal-mart for Philips Blu-ray BDP9000.

Over at the AVS Forums, we can read some posts, that offer some good information on the new Philips Blu-ray player the BDP9000. Some have wondered if this is not a re-badged Samsung,…

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probably chinese out-sourced samsung player with philips skin on user-interface. i heard about the soft image problem with the earlier version of samsung bd player, so the video dac has been changed as it is very common to have different parts through out the life of products as the virtually all manual say “product specifications can be changed without any notification” good thing is that now the product was moved from niche product factory to the mass inexpensive production factories in china

They can keep their crappy Blu-ray hardware. I’m not interested in emptying my bank account to get one. :r

Shocking! :d A comment on that thread reads:

I took the Blu-Ray “plunge” with the Philips and I am happy so far when I compare it with my HD-A1 experience. I sure like the short load times …
What?!? Someone who actually owns both and prefers their Blu-Ray experience over the HD-DVD one? Nah, can’t be, can it? :o

Be cautious about upscaling because the “specifications” picture only refers to HDMI as a way to get 1080p.

Doesn’t actually say he prefers the BluRay does he? I have both the Samsung BDP1000 and the Toshiba XA1 - I prefer the operating speed and slickness of the Samsung. But much more important (for me at least) is the AV quality of the Tosh far exceeds that offered by the Samsung.

ooooo Philips… I’m actually tempted to buy one… scary! :d

Ah, but can it play DivX?