Limitations of DVD-R?

Why is it that dvd-r doesn’t support bitsetting/booksetting, or have DL capability ( as far as i know…largely based on nero infotool’s absence of even an OPTION for such a capability). and also things like 12x writing only only +r’s…whats the deal?

<----big noob at dvd writing–havent bought a drive yet…still debating for nec vs liteon or to wait for faster drives


ps does anyone know how the silver NEC drives look? i’m thinking about pairing one with my lian li alum. case…

1: DVD-R format doesn’t support bitsetting, but there is some programs drives that allows you to do this by unofficial ways - questionable how well it will work. To my experience: setting a DVD-R disc to DVD-ROM will NOT make it more compatible.
2: Pioneer is working on DVD-R dual layer - rumours is that 2x DVD-R dual layer will be ready around christmas times.
3: DVD+R is a much better designed format and easier to work with - and thus easier to develop/integrate. And thus it will also reach higher speeds earlier. Notice that 12x DVD+R is not an official standard and that drives supporting 12x are outside the DVD+R standards.!!! But 16x DVD+R is an official standard.

Not seen the silver NEC drive yet…