Limewire save folder lost or deleted

every time i start up my pc, i recieve the following message: error your save folder is not valid. it may have been deleted, you may not have permissions to write to it or there may be another problem. please choose a different folder. when i select ok a new window appears where i can select a folder, i have tried to save it to all the folders in limewire(there are only 3, networkshare,root, + another) + my documents. it seems as if it lets me but when i start my computer again i recieve the same message… i may have deleted it as i had a trojan + ran a registry,virus,spyware etc scan + deleted all they found… can someone tell me how to get my save folder back or how to make another one?? thank you… P.S im using limewire pro 4.10

I would uninstall it and clean out the PC then reinstall limewire if you really want to, trojen, worms ect…are comman in useing P2P software.

ok, cheers for that. ijm thinking of getting rid of limewire anyway + getting something thats legal. the only thing thats stopping me is that i think you need a credit card to download off all legal sites… do you?? thanks

Not sure I do know that My sony connect which I use you can buy (how not sure) a gift card I do imagine it is through a bank or credit. I use my bank card on mine both itunes and my sony connect.

ok, cheers. ill give those a try if succesful, limewire pro is getting uninstalled + cheers