Limewire Pro vs Frostwire

Is there any real diffence (apart from Frostwire’s really cool name)? I have Limewire Pro but there is a newer version available, so would that mean that the newer version of Frostwire is better than my build of Limewire Pro (version 4.10.9)?

Cheers for any info peeps. :bigsmile:

USE FROSTWIRE FROM NOW ON! In LimeWire, the feds are searching for users and they will know what you are searching for! Use Frostwire, it’s safer, cleaner, and most importantly, the feds are lookin’ into it! USE FROSTWIRE!

Frostwire contains no spyware…u can also use Cabos…same thing…different GUI

Yeah limewire are cosying up to the suits, steer clear

Ah that’s good to know, thanks - anyone know about the feds and Shareaza?

when i used shareaza I always had more hits from the industry than other P2P…I quit usin’ it a while ago…lots O fake stuff on there also…LOTS!!!

Wjay can the feds do? I am not in the USA…(?) and why would they…please enlighten me…

Is this the one offered same version as this limewire pro?

Hy, what is the difference between the Limewire Pro and Frostwire? Other than the feds looking and etc… I have heard that limewire pro is faster than frostwire or how is it?