LimeWire Pro for Free (Not a scam it was made by open source)

LimeWire Pro was made using open source. It is legal and free. It offers turbo charged downloads and there are no Trojan Horses/Spyware bundle in the installer. Just wanted to let the people know.

I tried the link all it did was mess with me. Made it all but impossible to download limewire PLEASE Help ??

This thread is 3 years old and Limewire Pro is a pay program, Its cost 34.95 per year. IMO, I wouldnt recommend any program like this.:wink:

To me it feels like an airport heading for a gate. :eek:

If you really want to get it, just keep following the screens and when you get presented with the three download mirrors and write down the password (you’ll need this to open the archive), choose either the Rapidshare or links, as both these are working at this time of writing. The link didn’t work for me.

Once downloaded, open the archive and open “LimeWireWin” inside, enter the password and follow the setup screens. As with setting up the regular Limewire edition, be careful with what you let Limewire share out.

There’s no need to use Limewire Pro anymore. :disagree:

Frostwire is based on the same code as Limewire Pro, has the same turbocharged performance, and it’s free:

Frostwire even looks and acts exactly like Limewire Pro, so there’s no need to learn a new program.

People who are still trying to get Limewire Pro are wasting their time.