Limewire Pro Downloads Slow - Help?

im using limewire pro 4.10 + when i download songs or films it only downloads at 1kbs. i have a 4meg bradband connection. i paid for limewire & am not too happy. some films & songs download at 130kbs, but rarely. i went into tools> options + set my connection speed t3 or higher but theres no difference…i also recieve popups occasionally saying that limewire has not detected an internet connection AFTER ive downloaded something… i would appreciate it if someone could help me!! THANK YOU :clap:

Peer to Peer is always like this if you want better speed use a paid service. Not attacking you just giving input.

Remember you downloading of other computers most of the time they might not have a fast internet connection.

Plus they are involved in getting sued too!

Dr. Who…!Plus they are involved in getting sued too!"

How the f**k does that affect download speed?!

It affects it by their server end. This service is just like kazza, I’ll never use P2P crap ever I buy all my downloads legally. By the way no need for the language.

it maybe your modem firewall if you have 1.if all your getting is 130kbs total you may contact limewire to see if they can help.but on p2p you can only download as fast as the seed can upload and thats if your the only peer,a lot of factors to consider on your download speed.ive never used limewire so i cant be much help with your setup…

When your downloading off someone els there uploading and uploading speeds are not as fast as downoad speeds.

i DID pay for limewire!! if you dont you only get the basic FREE version… whereas i have the PRO version, but still downloads VERY SLOWLY… just the other day it said i was downloading 20 films, songs, etc @ 87,500kb/s, which was rubbish as it was stuck at about 10kb each & some were waiting for sources… someone said something about deleting limewire’s preference’s folder…how do i do that?? if you have any suggestion please let me know… THANK YOU

what are uploads in limewire?? as i have these down very low(WENT TO TOOLS>OPTIONS then, UPLOADS + set as low as possible). do i need this on full?? THANKS

Just because you bought the pro version doesn’t entitle the fact that the downloads are legal. Just wanted to clear that up. I use my sony connect, 0.99 cents per song and albums for 9.99 to 14.99. That’s a real downloading paid service and their software is free. Itunes is too a legit service. Limewire there is no difference in the basic versus the Pro version except suposabilly the speed??? I think not though the speed is the same.

Limewire getting sued.

article here.

The only difference in the pro verion is nothing realy.

i think the differance of the pro vertion is adware,not as much as in pro.
the uploading i was talking about is the person/s your getting the file from is uploading to you and your downloading from him.
your best bet is to google bittorrent and read about just what your doing to get a better understanding of what your doing,after that i sure youll be uninstalling the limewire and move on to bigger and better world. and a more important note dont let anything get to the limewire download file,or its open game to be downloaded,youknow personal info and such,or maybe you missed that on 60mins bareshare and orthers as your not hooked up with such a good thing.

Plus the fact some think that since they paid for the program that it is legal. They tried this crap on me and I said illegal is illegal.

and what do you think paying for it got you? paying doesn’t ensure faster download speeds. it doesn’t protect you from legal repercussion…the pro version is jsut as illegal as the free version if you use it for copyrighted material. the only difference is that the free version has more ads than the pro version.

you basically paid for the exact same thing as the free version except with fewer ads.

your downloads aren’t going to go any faster because you paid…it has to do with whether or not others are sharing the files that you want and what their upload speeds are

assuming you’re settings in limewire arecorrect, your fiewall is set to allow limewire to connect, nd your router is alloing traffic on whatever por/ports limewire s using then sorry to say it, but you’re just yet another user that got screwed into paying for something that is available for free.

also for your reference, if you’re looking for copyrighted material (music, movies, etc) there are a number of legal and licensed methods of obtaining this material, but limewire is certainly not one of them so don’t assume you’re protected or entitled to anything because you paid for the software.