LimeWire owes the RIAA 1.5 trillion?



LimeWire owes the RIAA 1.5 trillion?.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The ongoing legal drama between file sharing program LimeWire and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has taken another twist, with at least one attorney claiming LimeWire owes the RIAA more than $1.5 trillion.

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Well good luck with that, lie they think anyone is going to fork over that kind of money. Do they think they are suing a country?
I don’t think anyone cares what they say about the issue anyways as all they know is sue everyone and hope it goes away and they make money from folks any way they can till they go away for not being able to adapt to changing times.


Mr. President- “Dr. Evil, this is 1969. That kind of money doesnt even exist!!”





Will they take a post-dated cheque?


How can they claim more in damages then the sum total of the entire recording industry and Limewire put together? lawyers are amazing!


I agree with Dartman, who do they think LimeWire is, the US Government? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just in!

Limewire now asked for a bailout



I’m sorry, but the RIAA and their lawyers are idiots. The artists need to shut them down and deal directly with the public, This will be better for everyone in the long run.


Whatever Kelly’s smokin’ gimme some of that! And the RIAA owes me for all the songs I had to shell out money for back when they forced us to buy multiple songs on CDs. I did a quick calculation on my broken Speak n Spell and throwing in half the world’s population who were scammed in the 80s…it comes to $372,858,675,309 and 17 cents, but I’m not one to get greedy, so I’ll just round it down.


Is anyone, besides me, getting tired of hearing about the RIAA?
If the recording industry made their prices so low that it made piracy more of a hassle than just buying the media, wouldn’t that solve the problem?
Or is there more money in the tort system?


Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke says the big Music Industry record labels are dying:


[QUOTE=Blu-rayFreak;2524689]Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke says the big Music Industry record labels are dying:[/QUOTE]–> :wink:



Just 1.5 trillion dollars? No problem.


What a joke. If the whole industry isn’t even worth that kind of money, how could Limewire have created that kind of loss for them? Whatever happened to putting caps on lawsuits? When businesses are fined, we are the ones that end up paying in the long run because they just pass the cost on. Example . . . every time the big oil companies are fined, the prices go up at the pump. The might as well just fine us and eliminate the middle man.
A few years ago, you could buy just about any good quality CD for $11.98. Then the industry decided to cheapen the quality of CDs and raise the price to almost double. They shot themselves in the foot. They only have themselves to blame for all the problems they’ve been facing these past few years with P2P networks. I use to buy CDs all the time. I have close to 1700 of them. Now that the price is so high, I watch music channels like Pladia on Satellite TV and listen to SiriusXM and rarely buy music any more.


yes it’s all a joke , the top 100 hits are on tv each week complete with clip video clip simply record onto dvd recorder . are they thick or what.


[QUOTE=Baldrac;2524650]I’m sorry, but the RIAA and their lawyers are idiots. The artists need to shut them down and deal directly with the public, This will be better for everyone in the long run.[/QUOTE]

RIAA is The Recording INDUSTRY Association of America. They don’t represent artists the represent the big music companies. They know there is no way to stop sharing and are more than happy to keep fighting. They are all bloodthirsty Lawyers and more billable hours is more money. They really don’t care about file sharing, it is just how they get rich an everyone’s expense. The US has more than 75% of the lawyers in the world and universities pump out thousands more every year. They all want to get rich and don;t care how they do it.


For the next fairytale… The RIAA may collect their stated amount from LimeWire, forcing them out of business, put all execs on suicide watch and then they’ll turn the money over to the Government to help erase part of the national debt, right? Right? Hello, is this thing on…


Since the supreme court ruling against the NFL in the American Needle vs NFL case (see in MYCE the lawyers should have the case dispmissed on grounds that the RIAA can not sue on behalf of the recording artist,. That each artist must independently file thier own legal suit. The way I see it this puts both the RIAA and MPAA out of the lawsuit business


Contrary to popular belief, the RIAA isn’t in it for the money. They just want what’s fair for everyone. :slight_smile: