Limewire and other bittorrent software

I just read an outstanding review of limewire in comparison to Azureus, which I´ve found relatively satisfactory. Can someone please refer me to some bittorrent software comparisons so I can see if I should remain content with Azureus?

No mate. Not in this fotum.

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To be honest, with BT its all down to user preference, some prefere uT whilst others are Azureus fans, your not missing much, they all perform similarly, they only differ by a few features.

I would recommend uTorrent. It’s lighweight, effecient and featurefull and is just a single 170 kb executable.

I agree. Having used Azureus for some time I’m now converted to utorrent.

For the record, I’m also a uTorrent user… :wink:

Fast, reliable & simple, I recommend it for newbies.

Off the record! Yes it’s Fast, reliable & simple to use and would be suitable for newbies. :slight_smile:

uTorrent all the way