LimeWire 2.04 released

I just posted the article LimeWire 2.04 released.

LimeWire, a p2p program operating on the Gnutella network, has been on the market for some time now. Version 2.04 has been released.

Version 2.0.4 has the ability to send and receive metadata…

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‘To be hounest: I don’t trust them for the full 100%. They did it before, how can we be sure that they didn’t do it again’ Yep they have sold out to sponsers and ad-ware scum. They install crap all over your machine that is a pain in the ass to get rid of and monitors your browsing.

Just install Adaware, which you can download from So far, I’ve been able to remove all the files that Limewire tries to install.

they (Limewire) didn’t do it, unless you mean QA there download, the adware company put the trojan in. Rememeber Limewire wasn’t the only one witht he trojan. Personally since Limewire 1.8 i stopped upgrading, i like 1.8 the best.

no, not “adaware”…“Ad-a-ware”

Why are you people messing with these pieces of crap! Kaboom, aMess, LameWire… Get WinMX and boost it with Trippy MX server list!