Lilo & Stitch


just bought Lilo & Stitch to my kids. I have the latest versions
of Clone DVD and Any DVD. My problem is that the preview of the movie dosen’t work. There is only a black screen.

The backup doesn’t work neither, only bad sound, and no picture.

This is the first time that happens, never had that problem before.
Any ideas what it could be?

The movie is bought in Sweden



XP HE, Amd 2800+, HP DVD 300c

try using different software, intervideo dvdcopy, or dvd2one

thrid time same question – you had your answer – don’t post same question again

what is 3 too many for you? is it flooding the board? mind your own business, he can post his question as many times as he wants.

Not on the same forum he can’t…