Lilo boot disk in Zip

How can i create a boot disk to access mandrake linux 8.2 in my zip? (bios supports it)
The problem is that i don’t have a floppy drive at all, can i find a image of the boot floppy somewhere in the web?

According to this you’d need to modify the kernel.

Yes, i have seen a howto like this one but still, i need to have a floppy boot disk and and a floppy drive which i don’t.
Thanks anyway.

This site has a complete guide to creating bootable linux CD’s

A CD created from the downloaded ISO is bootable. Can you not boot from your CD-ROM?

I have bootable cds for linux.
what i would like is to create a bootable zip disk like a floppy disk. I only occasionally use linux and a don’t like lilo on disk (slows my boot), and a floppy is too slow in the other hand.

If i have a iso of the floppy boot disk couldn 't i mound it and create a zip boot disk?