Like Nero?

I was looking for a new CD/DVD recording software because the OEM version of Sonic that came with my computer does not have writing speed control. A friend directed me to and suggested an OEM version of Nero. Searching these forums doesn’t really give you an adequate opinion of the program as those who like the program usually do not post that they like the program. Thus, you have a skewed point of view regarding the software. My needs are simple. To burn things like photos onto TY’s for “archival” purposes with the least number of burning errors. I have a HL (Hitachi-LG) Dual Layer DVD burner. Is Nero good for the job? Surpluscomputers has 2 versions. Nero 6 suite 3 vs Nero 6.00.6 with Dual Layer support. If Nero is good enough for the job, which version should be chosen? Further, if Nero isn’t good enough for the job, which program would you recommend? Thanks for the input.

You can download trial versions at Download it and try it.