Like Nero Vision, but not

Hi all,

Nero Vision 4 was perfect for awhile in that it allowed me to add vob files, select clips, and export them to mpeg with extremely high quality. Unfortunately, version 4.5 loused everything up and reverting to previous versions hasn’t fixed it. Whereas before, when I added a vob file (Say “In Living Color” Disc 1 side A, it would see anywhere from 10 to 15 video segments, now it sees it as 1000’s of mpegs which makes any editing a nightmare. And since it’s a Nero product, getting support is just unthinkable.

I’ve auditioned about 10 different programs recommended at but none of them have worked as needed. Sometimes they can’t open the file, open the file but only see 50% of the length, convert the file to mpeg and then edit (Quality drops significantly in the process), lose audio snyc, or can’t play the audio while previewing (AC3.)

I’ve tried these (Some were for dvd backups, but everything is blurring together for me due to frustrations):
DvdReMake Pro_3[1]
InterVideo WinDVD Creator 2


Can’t see why you can’t blow away every trace of nero and load your version 4.0 back in. Yes you will need to mess in the registry, trash all the nero folders and a few odd .dll files but it can be done. You did keep a copy of the working version yes

If nero vision 4 was the better for you, then why you don’t use it? Why do you want another software if nero vision 4 already works correctly?

Try to download the trial version of adobe premiere; maybe you can find it good but if you plan to buy, remember that it have a price really high!

Yeah, I have two previous versions, and I did try to revert including manual file/folder/reg keys deletions, but for whatever reason, they all do the same thing now. For all I know, it could be due to a dll or other file completely unrelated, but tracking it down and fixing it would take days/weeks. And thanks to the joys of xp, reformatting/reinstalling isn’t the option that it used to be.

It worked correctly, but no longer does so. I’ve tried the hard fix: Uninstall/manually kill files (Etc…), revert to a previous version, but they all have the same issues now.

I’ll give Premiere a try though.

Update: Premiere crashed all but one time. I don’t think it likes 4GB VOB files.
After a thorough uninstall and system cleaning, I reinstalled a previous version of Nero Vision and got it to work like it did before*. The * is because now it has a new problem because 75% of the time, the exported mpg has a few garbage frames at the beginning.

I have since tried Cinematize 2 for Windows and it looks like a dream come true, but the limitations on the demo version are extreme and I don’t know if I want to spend $50 without knowing for certain that it will work as I need it to.

Probably the only way to solve this issue is to do a fresh install of windows and install only the working version of nero vision

Thanks for all the great advice. In the end, I opted for Cinematize 2 and though it’s not quite perfect (Can only set edit points by the half second), it’s super fast and gets the job done.