Like it or not, copying devices are here to stay

I just posted the article Like it or not, copying devices are here to stay.

Found an interesting article while surfing the web. The Straits Times gives us nice info about the whole legal issue of copy devices. Despite all efforts made by copyright holders, these devices…

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Nothing they can do about the use of copying devices whatsoever:4 Some politions etc, no jack **** and too try and ban such devices is pure stupidity. Maybe the Law and the Government should sort the ******** dealers selling ***** out first, this should be the main priority! Crack/Cocain or ban copy devices. IF THE GOVERNMENT ARE READING THIS SORT YER PRIORITIES OUT AND RID THE DEALERS AS THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE! Hmm I am sure I read somewhere that copying a cd can land you a 5yr sentence in prison! Does this take the piss or what? What does the drug Dealer get? 2/3 years? Should be the electric chair for them or a lethal injection, that will solve the UK’s problem :frowning: Greets :8

If you ever get busted for copyright infingement, you could claim temporary insanity. Oh, how I long for these test cases.

Say you do it to support your crack habit and they’ll let you off!

Copying devices are here to stay. I just love it!!!