Lik-sang reopens website - Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo sued

I just posted the article Lik-sang reopens website - Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo sued.

Antitax used our newssubmit to tell us that Lik-sang, worldwide reseller of consoles, games, etc, but mostly known for selling modchips and other backup utilities for Xbox, Playstation (1 and 2)…

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When I first read the headline I thought Lik-Sang sued MS, Sony, and Nintendo.

No, they sued Lik-Wang for trademark infringment, or something, i think. :stuck_out_tongue:

What Nintendo mod-chips did they have? I thought the GameCube hadn’t been modded yet.

I’m guessing it was Gameboy Advance stuff. There are devices to read the games and put on blank carts.

Correct, the device is called Flash Linker and is a programmable cartridge, on which you can put several games. NG’s are full of Rom’s and they only take about 4 Megs each.

I bought a dreamcast recently because it doesn’t need any mod chips, it cost $30 used at Gamestop, plus for $5 more then inssure it for a year! Plus I got a VGA adator coming in the mail, then I can run linux or bsd on it.

One thing I noticed is that Sega wasn’t even involved in thet lawsuit, but they still removed Saturn and Dreamcast modchips (I know the DC doesn’t need one, but they’re around anyway). Congratulations on getting a DreamCast. It has got to be one of the best consoles ever. I didn’t even CARE about consoles until I got a DreamCast.