Lik-Sang fights against lawsuit from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft

I just posted the article Lik-Sang fights against lawsuit from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft.

As we earlier reported has Lik-Sang currently some legal problems with console producers Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Lik-Sang a Hong-Kong based company mainly known for selling mod chips, flash…

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I sure hope they win! There is nothing wrong with wanting to be able to play backups of a $50 game that you OWN. True, mod chips are used for illegal purposes at times, but so are cars, and I certainly don’t see anyone wanting to ban those!

Almost every object known to man can be used illegally. Just pick it up, and bash them over the head with it. So why ban the MOD chip, and not ban guns. Oh now I remember, the MOD chip makes one company lose money, while guns help companies make money. It’s not about illegal activity. It’s about where the money goes. Don’t ever forget that.

I wish Lik-Sang the best of luck at going back in business. How were legal actions taken against them in Hong Kong? Hong Kong is where a lot of copyright violations already happen in the first place. This just makes it scarry that these big corporate giants might be able to stop mod chip making world wide like international laws. If this were so, I would be devestated and horribly angry. The fact that some countries have mod chips illegal makes me mad enough as it is.

Go Pacific Game Technology Limited! I want the prosecutors to lose so bad! This case is bullshit and I want mod-chips to be legal so when I have kids, I can actually make playable backups of games and not worry about the kids trashing a $100 game (give it time, they will be $100). Am I serious? Damn right I am. I think mod-chips have more rightful uses than illegal so they should be legal.

I would hate for mod chips to be banned, but I hate it that the companies such as lik-sang make so much money off these things! If you look at a mod chip, like the old PS1 mod chips, they cost under $! USD to buy and can be programmed on a $5 self made programmer. The new ones are more complicated to make, but all it is is a small board with programmable processor that cost less than $3 to make! And they sell it for $60-80? WTF?!

ha ha ha,3 big bullies with a little kid… How shame… :r