Can I get some opinions, as to whether this could be bad for the disks.
Can it do any harm, does it affect the sound of the cd. Can it cause harm to the drive. Is it a waste of money. How many disks can I write to. Any info would help.

Basically yay/nay

Thank you

Lightscribe is not necessary, a lot of people say it is a marketing gimmick. I haven’t burned an LS disc with any of my LS enabled drives but though I am tempted to, just to see what it looks like. A lot of people in the beginning complained about the contrast of the images on the disc. The pictures are only in black and gray shades. Sometimes you may need to re-insert the disc for it to make the pictures sharper or with more darkness. Plus it takes a long time for the disc to finish the lightscribe. I can do scribble scribble with my magic marker in less than 3 seconds to label my disc but it won’t look as nice. I would rather use LS than use sticky labels though. Just buy a LiteOn 20A1H model and you will be happy (maybe). Most drives have LS now. You can get drives that have LS for under $40. Just consider it an added feature. Just be aware though, LS burnable discs are more expensive than regular DVD-R/+R/RW discs because they need the top scribable layer. But if you don’t burn a lot then Lightscribe might be good for you. For the rest of the people that burn many DVD’s, it’s best to not use LS discs to cut on costs.