Hi just had a couple questions about something called “Lightscribe”. I was just wondering if people actually use it? I have a drive at home and sometimes I barely use the lightscribe feature on it and just stick to the traditional sharpie after I get done burning. The current slogan for lightscribe is “Flip and Burn”, not to sure if that fits eveyone considering if its for personal use, I find that its more convienent to burn whatever data and then label it with a sharpie afterwards. Sometimes I might use text or an image but that’s usually if I give a gift. Was just wondering if anyone would like to share their input about this because I’m curious what eveyone else does with lightscribe.

I’m going to move this to the CD & DVD Printers and Labelling Forum, where things like Lightscribe are discussed, and you’ll get plenty of input :slight_smile:

I just bought a Samsung Lightscribe drive - I haven’t used it yet, as I’m yet to go out and buy some LS discs, but like you, I generally use a Sharpie.

I shall use Lightscribe as you’ve stated, for gifts etc :)…I think the discs are a little too expensive (and the Lightscribe process can be time consuming, for example if you use the Extended Contrast Label Utility from to use them all the time.

Lightscribe can look good though, you just have to use stylized images in you design eg

Hey, there’s a dragon one on there, just for Drage :bigsmile:

Hi -I use Lightscribe fairly frequently. If I’ve got a prized music, game, movie, or photo cd/dvd I’ll often LS it for fun. It does take a little extra time. I’ve had burns that were anywhere between 16-29 minutes. If I have the original music or game disc I’ll scan it to a file and then open it in either Nero or Surething for the LS burn. Other sources include and cd cover sites (just do a Google search). You can get some veeerrrrry cool results with LS, especially with some of the editing options in Nero (such as negative, swirl, contrast, etc). Of course you can add text in different fonts, sizes and so forth. I recently made an Aerosmith LS DVD for a buddy and didn’t like the scanned image from the original so I found album and concert art online and did the “collage” method in Surething and it turned out great. If you like being creative you can come up with some interesting, unique, and highly personalized custom labels.

I use LS primarily because it looks better than my horrible handwriting, plus its much better than paper labels, which I was guilty of using (til I did some reading :eek: ). Currently in the process of backing up those paper-labelled cds/dvds to new discs.

I agree, the discs are more expensive but not unduly so. I don’t LS [I]everything[/I]. Guess its a personal choice. I figure I’ve got a LS drive, I’m gonna use it. Color LS would be just fantastic, but I’m not sure how that technology is coming along.

My take anyway.

Here are some Lightscribe at a nice Price if you are worried about that.
Have bought a few hundred and the quality is great!

I use Lightscribe mainly to finish some music cds for a band I know very well. For things like this, it’s a really cool feature, because cds will look much cooler compared to cds only marked with a Sharpie.

But on normal burns, to store only some data, I wont use Lightscribe, because it’s to expensive and it lasts to long, probably a half an hour to lable one cd.

Sry for my english, it’s only school-english :wink:

hello ut4you
I have similar notebook with the Sony DW-G520A CD&DVD Writer. You know it it possible to use lightscribe with this one ? there are any soft to use the dw-520a with lightscribe or it is not possible.
Thanks for your response and sorry for my english too