i heard that HP has selected BENQ to be OEM for 16X lightscribe internal dvd burner. is it possible to get lightscribe feature on benq burner by applying firmware or is it requires different hardware?


Different hardware, the internal version is called DW1625 and the external is EW162U, their not available yet but due some time around March.


I was thinking about getting a Lightcribe drive until I found out it takes something like half an hour to laser the image onto the disc. I’ll stick with Epson R200 for a while yet.


Yeah, I lost interest in Lightscribe after finding out about the cost of media, the fact that it deteriorates in daylight both before and after burning the label side, and of course it shortens the life of your writing laser because you’re using it a lot more.


I am sure in due time they will be able to increase the life of the media itself. Just a shame that it takes so damn long to burn it. Best bet is to get a lightscribe drive and a normal dvdr drive, and burn the lightscribe side on the repsective drive and just burn the other side on the normal drive. At the cost of drives now…they are cheap enough. Just need the media to drop in price @%@%#$


I Think I’ll wait until Plextor refines this whole technology and it’s color and less than a half hour to burn…what a joke.

I remember buying my first HP Burner…made nothing but coasters

I believe Plextor created buffer underrun protection that actually worked before all the other manufacturers could figure it out.

I can burn a music cd in 3 minutes but to label it will take a half hour?


I’ll stick to my markers…which come in any color I choose.

Seems to me like HP is creating a whole new market for themselves by “licensing” and selling “special” blank discs that are light scribe capable.

Kind of like how you can buy an HP printer for $50 but the ink refills are $100.

It may catch on though…look at how the Sony Memory Stick caught on.

Did we need another form of digital storage a few years ago when what was available was Compact Flash , Multimedia, Secure Digital and Smart Media cards?

Of course we did’nt…but Sony thought we did so they made it and consumers got suckered into another form of income for Sony…

2 words :bow: SAN DISK


Good points… and here I was starting to worry, wishing I’d waited for lightscrib instead of rushing into the 1620 (which I love so far). I supposed printed labels are just fine for those things that are actually worthy of wasting the paper/ink/time on.


well lightscribe drives will only be avaliable in Q2 end or Q3 beginning…i would wait till speeds are 4 x and above…lightscribing at the current 1 x for a very detailed surface takes nearly 45 mins…


your scources of news is surprisingly accurate… :bow: :bow:


another one found here in Singapore


I was considering getting a Lightscribe drive and vascillating about it, but this idea of keeping an older burner is a great one. :slight_smile: I was going to get a DW1620a, but I’ll just wait for the Lightscribe version to come out now.


saw 30pk spindles of these at Best Buy for $19.99.


USD19.99 for 30pcs…hmm…its selling in singapore for about SGD1.50 per pc.


I thought it was BenQ and Lite-On that are gonna make lightscribe-drives for HP? :iagree:


well…more will be revealed soon…in the ODD world…liteon tot they could muscle in with their name branding…lol


here ya go…i was surprised at the price as well:


Here is BenQ DW1625 :slight_smile:


hrmph…i can draw like that with a sharpie :wink:


Look at this posting: