Lightscribe won't print "jpg" images on label

I can burn text onto my lightscribe burner (lite-on), but it won’t take an image. I’ve used jpg & gif with no luck. Also tried using image as a background, still no luck. I am converting to grayscale before printing.

What am I missing?

Is there a certain format or size needed for the image?

Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Well, at least the drive’s doing what it’s supposed to. What program are you using for LightScribing your pic(s)?

I use SureThing and never had a problem LS’ing pics with my Litey. :slight_smile:

Thanks Arachne,

SureThing are the actual media disks right? <–[edit] Found the SureThing label software!
I’m using Verbatims & Phillips.
I am using Nero 7 Cover Designer for Lightscribe burning. I have the lightscribe drivers DL’d from the web.

The images were created from downloads, scans, or scratch and edited in Photoshop.

Now…as I was typing this I was burning a DVD and I put a small graphic on the label (my studio logo), and it worked! For the first time. The thing about this graphic is it’s only 11kb, so maybe size is an issue.

The backgrounds I have tried to burn were always much larger files.

So you are saying that any format & size is okay to lightscribe?
Maybe it was just my software, I did just update from Nero 7.0 to 7.10.

Any other tips?

Both those brands have worked for me too with LS :iagree:

I would suggest this, just as a troubleshooting measure to see if size is an issue or not:

Download the SureThing software (15 day trial or something, fully-functional) and try burning the LS images that failed with Cover Designer.

If it works, then there could be some limitation (size, whatever) within Cover Designer.

Meanwhile I’ll take a browse around and see if there are any issues to take note of. :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch Arachne, I’ll look & tinker some more and see what I can find too, and let you know.

No problem, to be going on with I found this on the LS site. :slight_smile:

Hey, Thanks again Arachne, that is some good stuff on there, I bookmarked it, some things I hadn’t tried.
I tend to get in a hurry, and rather than read, just start clicking on stuff.
Note to self: slow down…


Well, let me know how you get on, if there’s still a problem we can try something else :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about clicking before reading, I’m often the same myself. Especially with something fun like LS :bigsmile:

I just finished burning a CD with album art (as an inserted image, not background), tracklist, and the logo with no problems. I think my trouble before was just the older version of Nero. Thanks for leading me to the LS site and the tips.

You’re welcome, happy LightScribing :smiley:

Hey, I’m back with a new finding.
My PC at home, running the same software with the same Lite-on burner will still not burn a “background” image.
I haven’t tried a regular image yet…but will.

This is kinda odd, Same XP system, same RAM, most of the same programs.
The litey here is LH-20A1H…I’ll see what the one at work is.

That’s peculiar! I’m going out for the day and overnight, but when I get back I’ll try a few things myself (I have Cover Designer installed, but not sure what Nero 7 version).

I have the same Litey as you, and some Verbatim LS DVD+Rs, so we’ll see what happens. :slight_smile:

At Work now, burned an image-as-a-background type label.
Didn’t work…same as home. That’s good to know.
I will try again as just an image, not background.

Have a nice trip…

I didn’t go out after all, so I’m here :slight_smile:

Hmmm, interesting that background images don’t work, I’ll give that option a try myself. :iagree:

Sometimes you NEED to get out.
I just got back from a week in colorado, did wonders for my mood.

Still waiting for the burn (7 more minutes)…checked my DMA settings while I waited, since it was in your signature.
It was on already. I guess that is a good thing.

Hehe, well I went out earlier (had to fix a PC problem for someone), but I didn’t stay out for the night :slight_smile:

Yep, DMA enabled is a good thing!

Well, the picture didn’t print, it was a .97mb file though.
I think I’ll reduce it’s size down from a 300 to a 72dpi resolution and see if that cures.
Let ya know tomorrow how it went.
Have a nice evening.


Thanks, I’ll be interested to hear how it went, so far it seems we’re narrowing it down a little :iagree:

You have a nice evening too :slight_smile:

It didn’t work…again. The text over the top of the jpg did fine, no picture at all…but the print took 30 minutes, as if it was printing the pic.

This morning I tried it again, picture at 3.73x3.75"/100dpi, without text overlay, and the burn process lasted about 20 seconds, said “done”, nothing on the label at all.

This is odd, i successfully burned images of 38kb, and 11kb, but 103kb is no good.
The larger file covered the whole area of the CR-r, the others did not.
I’ll try one more time, reducing the latest pic to 38kb, although at that file size it will be ugly to look at (a Beatles collage).
I’ll let ya know.