Lightscribe, what do u think?



Considering getting drive so can directly print on the DVD or CD since my DVD drive is making noise.

need to ge a proper drive (will have to look around newegg, LS enabled DVD and some CDRs and is there a software? (have to look into whether my roxio software (DVD CD creator 6 can be enabled…)

Does the system work reasonably well? worth it?




Roxio software is scraping the bottom of the barrel for good software.

Lightscribe media is expensive and often not as high quality as you can get cheaper for decent [I]inkjet printable[/I] media.

Recommend putting your money towards a cheap inkjet printer that can print directly to cd/dvd media.


I’d recommend reading the printing and labelling thread - lots of LightScribe users posting there, plus images of what the discs will look like.

I use LightScribe sometimes - more of a novelty than a serious printing technology IMO, but I still quite like it for doing things like compliation CDs for the car.
It’s better for CDs than DVDs, but many users are reporting poor contrast and poor drive performance with certain drives and media. (personally I haven’t had any problems using a LiteOn drive with any media)

Read the threads - it should allow you to make up your mind.

Also, if you do use LightScribe and want free software that is better than Roxio, I’d recomment SureThing which is a free download from the LightScribe website.