Lightscribe vs. Writing Quality

I read two reviews, one of the SH-W162C here at cdfreaks, and the other of the SH-W162L at cdrinfo. Both drives look identical except the SH-W162L has lightscribe but the writing quality are much diferent (dvd-r media in SH-W162L is much worst). Is this because the drives are really diferent (chipset)or because the lightscribe influence the writing process?
Thank you,

Yeah, I’d also like to know this.

I bought the SH-W162C off Ebuyer a couple ago, as I’d never use LightScribe. It’s an excellent, quality drive.

If you don’t need LightScribe go for the W162C, as it seems to be the better of the two drives. This is the same for other brands, although two drives are identical, the one that has LS, dosen’t have as good burn quality.