Lightscribe vs Printable

Guys, you think lightscribe is needed at all or printable media is better?

This is an “apples or oranges” question. There’s really no comparison in the appearance of the discs, so it comes down to personal preference and cost.

IMO, until Lightscribe media becomes less expensive and can be burned at high quality in a few minutes, it will live in the margins. Printable media is affordable, fast and can be done in photo quality color. Therefore, it wins.

I have two Lightscribe capable drives that will probably never be used for that function.
I direct-print with a Canon ip4000.

I use printables and LS discs. Why? Because i can.

Quality of Print: printables, they have colors, lightscribe does not
Speed of Print: printables, printer takes about 30 seconds to print
Cost: printables, Verbs usually on sale at MicroCenter for $14.99 for 50.

nuff said…

I still don’t even get the point of Lightscribe. it’s slow and expensive and dosen’t look quite as good.

For me, it’s R220 + CIS with Maxell (MIJ) printables…