Lightscribe Verbatim DVD+R 30 pack Available

Not much to say, except this is the first I’ve seen of Lightscribe DVD media being in stock.

LightScribe DVD - Verbatim DVD+R - 30 Pack - 4 Sale

and look at the price - $70

When will retail stores carry this media?

I check back today on eBay for that same auction.

It sold in something like 2 hours, so either $70 for a 30 pack isn’t too bad a deal, or people are just hungry.

There are some more auctions now replacing it.

Here’s one link.

I did end up checking (again) with retailers about DVD media availability. Here’s Best Buy’s response below.


We’re sorry to hear not receiving the information you were looking for was frustrating.

At this time we have no information regarding the release and availability of Lightscribe compatible DVD media on We apologize for any frustration that this causes.

Thank you for sharing your comments with Best Buy. Please do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions or concerns.

Best wishes from Best Buy,
Anthony and the Customer Care Team

From: brett.
Sent: 20 Apr 05 09:41:19
Subject: RE:

What a useless e-mail response. What bad customer service from “Customer Care”.

The way the e-mail reads makes me doubt that there is any ‘Anthony’ in customer service and that your response is a computer generated e-mail.

I asked a specific question. “When will the product be available?” The question was simply ignored in your response. Would you care to properly respond to my question? Thanks.


04/20/2005 09:19


Thank you for contacting Best Buy about locating Lightscribe enabled DVD
media on our Web site. I’m Anthony with Customer Care.

We understand that not finding the product or service you are looking for
can be frustrating.

Lightscribe DVD media is currently unavailable on our Web site. We encourage you to call the Best Buy store nearest you to determine if it is available there. You can locate a specific store by going to:

Or, you can call us at 1-888-BESTBUY and we’d be happy to provide that

Thank you for sharing your comments with Best Buy. Please do not hesitate
to contact us with additional questions or concerns.

Best wishes from Best Buy,
Anthony and the Customer Care Team

I asked Verbatim USA and they told me that the discs should be in some retail channels now and they expect almost all other stores (USA) that carry Verbatim products to have these within the next 30 days.

We’re looking at getting them around Mid May in europe.

And considering that the Lightscribe CD is around $1 per disc the price for the DVD’s looks pretty accurate.

“Sometime in May” is what the reply was I got from Verbatim (see below). Of course, in January the reply was “sometime in March”… in February the reply was “sometime in April”. Memorex DVD media is even worse on the dates.

Verbatim Reply: (from Wednesday 4/20)

LightScribe DVD is not available at this time. This product will not be available until early May. This product will be available through your local retailer and e-tailer at that time.

Customer Service
Verbatim Corporation

Topic: Where to Buy


Could you please tell me if any retailers in the United States have your Lightscribe enabled DVD media in stock (or if it’s even shipped to them)?

For example, when might Best Buy(or anyone) have Verbatim Product No. 95116 (the 10 Pk of DVD+R 8X Lightscribe media) ?

Thanks. Brett

I’ve found HP Lightscribe 8x + DVD discs that are available in the UK

So you’re looking at $1.91 for a disc in a jewel case

I e-mailed them (APR…). They wouldn’t confirm that they were in stock. They did tell me they would not ship to the USA, only Britain, Wales, Isle of Wight…etc.

Not bad just to try out…

5 Pack Lightscribe DVDs

Combo Pack - 5 Lightscribe DVDs & 5 Lightsribe CDs


I guess I’ll wait a while before purchasing a LightScribe Drive. Does everyone here like theirs? Just wondering.

  • CJ

Where are these people on eBay getting Lightscribe DVDs?

People on eBay are selling the disks, yet they are not available in retail stores???

A few places in UK seem to have them for example.

It looks like Supermediastore is shipping these disk…

Hmm… $48 / 30 pack spindle. :confused:

$70 and $7 shipping for a 30 pack of Verbatim 8x DVD+R lightscribe media on ebay? Ouch. The same for $47 and $4 shipping (US) from newegg. Other lightscribe media from newegg: 30 pack Verbatim 52x cd-r, 10 pack Verbatim 52x cd-r, & 5 pack HP 52x cd-r.

Does anyone know where else I could get lightscribe media in the US?

i beleive if i remeber right HP has a liecense with CMC for there dvd media, (i might be wrong) but it would seem all there media is CMC so i would be careful about there light media too

HP Lightscribe 8x media are MCC 003 if I’m not wrong.

AFAIK, the HP media sold here in Europe:

[ul]HP DVD+R 8x LightScribe – MCC 003
[li]HP CD-R 52x LightScribe – CMC

well HP finally wised up then if they using mcc

there mcc is probly outsourced to CMC tho, as u all know mcc is outsourced to a few places