Lightscribe V1.2 or V2.0

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Could someone tell me what the difference is between Lightscribe V1.2 and Lightscribe V2.0 please?

As far as i know lightscribe v2.0 will produce the image on the top of the disc quicker than 1.2.

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I don’t currently have anything to add to what Yoda said, and my understanding is also that the difference is that 2.0 will make labeling your discs faster. :iagree:

As far as I know, LightScribe is only available as V1.0 and V1.2 at the time being.

LightScribe V1.2 is up to 30% faster than LightScribe v1.0 when compared to the total labeling time.

Where do uget v2.0…and if its faster so quality crappier?

There is no LightScribe 2.0 yet, and so your second question cannot be answered at this time! :slight_smile:

Version available through update.

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

Please note that the [I]version[/I] we’re discussing here is not the version of the LightScribe Host software, but rather the version of the LightScribe technology itself.

Will my linkage work with Lightscribe burners/media?

I get the technology version point now :iagree:

My Lightscribe, which is built into Nero, has Driver Version

N E W S_

New upgrade LS_HSI.msi Version
Notes: Improved Image Processing, Added new drive support

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