Lightscribe users, can ya help me out? thx

i was wondering, when you guys use lightscribe, where are you getting the pictures from? do you make the dvd cover yourself, or do you download dvd covers and import them into the labeling software? any tips on getting the best look with lightscribe? thanks

I make the images I burn from pictures I have or obtain from the net.

I do use some album covers for my MP3 discs that I make to play in the car though.

For working with lightscribe, feed the pictures into a graphis package and turn them into grey scale pictures, this allows you to modify the brightness and contrast to get the best effect.

My wish list now has to include RW-lightscribe media, expose it to very bright light to blank the lightscribe layer, I can but wish.

thx for the info man, so just go to options and find the greyscale? than just turn the brightness up?

I feed the pictures into PaintShop Pro and change them to grey scale. It may be that you dont need to adjust the brightness, its just easier to see an overall impression of the final burn if the pictures are in B&W as using colour pic’s may not give the correct impression.

thx qwakrz. is it pretty easy to do? i never really use paintshop. also, what program u use for lightscribe? nero cover designer? surething labeler?

sorry to ask all these questions man…but can you do this in regular paint? or do you NEED paintshop pro? if possible, can ya tell me how to get to the greyscale option…is it the same as choosing inverse color?

in paintshop, the brightness may not batter as much as contrast on the greyscale image you make,I don’t use lightscribe myself, but contrast adjustment will probably give you more bang forthe buck…:slight_smile:

hey zigzag, would you by anychance know how to get to the greyscale option? thx again man.

Ok, bizzy420 asked for an example of a lightscribe disc, one can be found at

As for getting a picture into B&W, paint wont do it as it just makes a horrid mess when asked to make a B&W picture. You could try a google for “Free Grpahics Editing Software”, I have found this that “may” do the B&W conversion BUT I dont use this software so cannot know for sure.

I use Surething Labeler 4 SE for making my Lighscribe labels as Nero 7 does not see my BenQ 1655 as a Lightscribe drive.

Hi :slight_smile:
Even when Nero 6/7 sees your drive, you’d probably stick with Sure Thing.

Hi :slight_smile:
Two useful sites:

SORRY to bring this post back up but i just got photoshop pro 10. i have never used any photoshop programs before. can anyone show me where the greyscale option is? thx again.

Hi :slight_smile:
Just a couple of screen shots of updated Nero.

looks like the nero i got. surething is better?

ok i just downloaded photoshop 10 pro, never used this before. i read that if you have a picture, if you make it look like a “negative photo” the image will look better. how do you do this? also if i download the dvd cover, how do i cut certain sections of the cd cover?

i dont know if im making it clear or not, kinda hard to explain i guess.


that is the cover i tried to use with lightscribe. is there a way to only use the guys face and the movie title?

when i tried to use this cover, the lightscribe tried to do everything, the face, the title, and even the black background.

if i could only do the face and title i think it would of looked alot better.

you’ll need to cut a round piece of the image with the pointer tool, and save that as a seperate image. Pretty basic stuff image editing, but so is flying a plane, if you alredy know how…:slight_smile:

Tinker with some images for about 2 evenings with porn, or puppies…or whatever you like to get the feel of your image software…apply them to lightscribe once you get those basics down…:slight_smile:

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this is the reason why i wanted the lightscribe, i think these look really nice.
so i get the 1655, and every disk that i’ve made looks horrible compared to these.

i read all the links posted here in this post, they were helpful, but it was just advice. for example; one of the tips was to use a negative image. that sounds nice, but my question is, how do i get the negative image with photoshop 10? im a complete newbie when it comes to photoshop.

shoot, it was only a few weeks ago that i learned media had codes. sorry for asking these dumb questions, but i only ask when i really dont have a clue. i dont get it, i put together my pc (first one i built) in like 45 minutes thx to instructions on the net, but i cant even get a nice looking image with a lightscribe burner.

i found this after an hour of searching here on the boards, it came out very nice.