Lightscribe Update for Surething?

Hello everyone I recently purchased a BenQ 1625 and have Surething V. 4.2 Deluxe. Now I know 4.3 has lightscribe printing features already built in but from the looks of it 4.2 does not. Is there somewhere I can go to add this feature to 4.2. the Website says it is a free upgrade, but I dont see a link to download it.


Not sure really I only have the Surething SE version but it sounds like the Lightscribe host engine has not been installed.

Go to the Lightscribe website you will see a download button click it and that will download the LS host engine software. Install it and reboot the computer, then check Surething and see if the option for making LS discs appears.

Also make sure you have applied the latest patch for the 4.x version from Surethings website.

The download link is here:

Or just go to Downloads > Download updates for: SureThing CD Labeler version 4.x > CD Labeler Deluxe - Updater (includes LightScribe backgrounds)

(Note, you are updating to SureThing 4.3 with this patch.)