Lightscribe support on SONY DVD RW DW-Q520A

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I’m a new guy in this forum and would like to share its kowledge with u guys.
So, i believe people here had the answer for my question.

I have a Notebook with SONY DVD RW DW-Q520A in it.
Is the DVDRW drive supporting lightscribe or not?
If not, can i make it possible?

Thanks for anyone who want to share their knowledge.

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I do believe this drive does not do Lightscribe.
There is nothing you can do to enable it, as it relies on firmware and hardware to utilize the LS function.

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[QUOTE=iyepb0;2131456]OOwwww…what a pity of me :([/QUOTE]

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If you badly need LightScribe, you can always buy an external LightScribe drive :slight_smile: