Lightscribe Single Color Packs

A newbie question…

I’m seeking a source for a single color lightscribe CDR media (yellow, not the original sepia). I am aware of a company called PRIMEON however, they are not a US based company and I can’t find a source in their products in the US. Does anyone know of any other company that is currently packaging their colored lightscribe in single color quantities (100 - 500 disks packs). I know that most vendors have the multi-color/rainbow packs, but this approach would be cost prohibitive to acquire quantities of a single color. Thanks for your feedback in advance.

I asked this question in another forum, but this appears to be a better place to reiterate my question. I’m looking for a source that packages single color lightscribe cdr (i.e. all yellow or all blue). There is a company named PRIMEON but they are not a USA company. This company actually packages all yellow, all blue (etc). Does anyone know of a source in the US that packages lightscribe media in single color packs. I typically purchase quantities of (2 - 4 100-pks Cake Boxes) for my studio projects. However, to get single color quantities of this number, I would have to buy a ton of multi-color/rainbow packs. This is just cost prohibitive for my projects… Any helpful suggestion …???

Hmm never heard of being able to get LS media in anything more than a 30 pack, and those are usually the sepia colour.

Is there any reason to get yellow? The sepia is fairly darn close to yellow IMO.

Also, think about write quality. If you get some no name brand of disc that has your colour, will their discs burn well enough? There’s no point to nice looking labels if you can’t use the discs.

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[quote=tuskiso;2003866]I asked this question in another forum, but this appears to be a better place to reiterate my question.[/quote] Don’t ask the same question accross multiple forums or threads here at CDFreaks. It’s called cross-posting and we don’t allow it.

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Thanks for the guidance…, I apologize to the guru’s for my poor ettique. I don’t recall seeing a lightscribe forum, so I guess I placed it in places where I saw similar topics. It’s difficult at best to determing which forum to ask some questions…, How does one determine the best place for questions such as this…? When you are truely seeking helpful information, I guess there is a tendency to broadcast to the largest possible audience. It might be a sad commentary to miss valuable feedback because a question could only appear in one place. I hope this forum is geared toward the sharing (and gathering) of information more so than policy management and post policing. Again, I apologize for my offense.

Heyyo we are here to help but when we clicked i agree to the rules set forth bla bla that is something we all have to abide by :\

I take it you are in the USA but no mention of it so…if you are indeed in the USA buy multi pks and then resell the ones you don’t want. Not much else you can do AFAIK.

Verbatim is the best brand i know of so if you want quality burns use Verbie CD-R LS (insert color here) and use a Plextor Premium CD-RW and you will be fine.

Let me know if you need burning speed info and if you got a 1 or 2 Plex. I have both and the media.

:iagree: I have the same problem. I need RED DVDs. Let me know if you find a source for color background LightScribe DVD’s that don’t involve buying four of the wrong colors to get one of the correct color. It looks line Prime on may be a viable source if there is a U.S. distributor.

Somebody need to put together a “colored lightscribe swap meet”, so you guys can swap the ones you don’t want for the ones you do want.

I was on a stand at a show recently advertising LightScribe and afaik no-one does the LightScribe coloured discs in packs of just one colour. At the end of the da it comes down to stocking different lines.

Why stock 5 coloured lines when you can stock one multicoloured one. Simple fact is one of the colours will outsell another so the easiest way for somebody in trade to have these is to simply stock the multicoloured packs.

Thanks for everyone responses. This might be a good time for me to respond to some of the questions raised.
Q: Why yellow instead of the sepia color
A: Yellow was used only as an example (it could just as well have been all blue)

Additional Commentary:
I guess some of my hope in raising this question is to reach any distributors/manufacturer of lightscribe media that may subscribe to forums such as this. I hope it will raise awareness that there is a growing target market for larger quantities for lightscribe media packaged in single-color packs (other than those consumed by the casual/curious users). There are numerous small businesses/organization/Religious Organizations who use CD’s to distribute their products (i.e. small/home recording studios, independent software developers, small CD duplication services) and other small businesses who’s products are distributed in digital format). These users are more inclined to purchase bulk quantities greater than the casual users. Consequently, they are also inclined to purchase quantities with an expectation of consistency of appearance in order to ensure that each finished disk has the same look (wouldn’t buy multiple colored stick-on label when I need mass quantities of red). Hopefully, my questions will raise some awareness with any vendors/distributors that share this forum, and inspire them to consider re-packaging toward markets that go beyond the casual users. At present, I would not expect to go to my local neighborhood X-mart and purchase 400 Red lightscribe disks. Although, There should be some expectation that Internet Mass Distributors and Office/Business Supply distributors would carry or can order such items (simply because they deal in bulk quantities). Like many independent recording artist (who complete all projects in their Home Studios, and may provide duplication services for other artists), it would be great to have the availability of bulk single-color quantities to offer a potential customer (who may prefer lightscribe over printed labels – for their 800 disk project -) a wider variety of choices. It is currently cost prohibitive to purchase thousands of disks to get 800 or more blue or green disks to meet a customer’s needs (small businesses won’t stay in business long). Additionally, I appreciate the swap meet suggestion, however, a swap meet may not be the answer for this particular issue. Just as one can purchase mass quantities of most stick on CD labels, why not the same approach with lightscribe. The technology is available, the infrastructure is already in place, why not go after the market that will most likely increase and provide return customers. All that’s needed is for distributors/manufactures to rethink their marketing strategy. Thanks for listening, and I’ll now step down from my soapbox (or is that cakebox …he he :iagree:).

You can add me to the list of interested folks. I would like Green extracted from the multi-packs.

Retail Cost

  • Labor to sort media
  • Processing orders
  • Shipping
    Cost of single color Lightscribe Media

Interestingly enough, I recently submitted a suggestion to one of the Vendors that currently manufacture Lightscriber CD Towers (up to 11 bay tower units that I know of). This vendor also sell their own brand of lightscribe media (in rainbow packs). When I suggested a repackaging stategy for their Lightscribe media in order to reach small business type markets, I was told that they will sell single color quantities only if the purchaser wants 24,000+ disks. I am trying to understand the logic of a company that markets Lightscriber CD/DVD towers (who’s target market certainly won’t be the casual/curious user… 1 or 2 disks per month and probably not the larger duplication/replication vendors…, therefore must be targeting small business type organization), but fail to see that anyone who purchases a 10 or 11 bay lightscribe CD towers will most likely burn many lightscribe labels and thusly will probably want the flexability to order/purchase media in colors that meet their demand (not multicolored rainbow packs) in quantities that are most realistic for the type and size CD/DVD towers they are selling. I wonder if my approach simply makes to much sense…??? If you are currious as to what vendor, simply do a search on (“Lightscribe CD Towers”). They will probably show up as the first and second entry in your results. Just thought this was interesting. Hmmmmmmm…