LightScribe - Silver Discs, and Light Gold vs Dark Gold

Silver Discs - I have always read that Lightscribe discs MUST be gold. But I always wished they could be silver - the contrast would be much better that way. Actually, searching the images section in Google for “lightscribe” I do see silver discs. It is possible that the images may have been doctored. I have also seen discs that have a “brushed steel” look. There is no gold in these images at all. Where do find these discs?

Silver burn - looks absolutely gorgeous:

2 Discs with the brushed steel surface:

Light Gold vs Dark Gold - everyone is after more contrast. Well the best way to start with that is to use the lightest colored discs you can find. This is why silver discs would be great. But since you can’t use silver, why not use very light gold?

Light Gold vs Dark Gold Discs

I would like to know if any of you have found a brand that is indeed very light gold, because . . . again . . . I can’t really trust the images on the web. Please let me know.


The verbs I get at Bestbuy are light gold.

Those silver/brushed-steel discs are gorgeous. :slight_smile:

TY Silver printables, printed in greyscale, look very much like that.

apart from the gold, lightscribe discs are available in red,yellow,orange,blue,green, i don’t know what the silver is, but i doubt its lightscribe

Perhaps they do, but the images in the first post are of Lightscribe discs which can be seen from the special hub used for positioning. You can also see the Lightscribe logo clearly in the first image.

It’s still possible that the colour balance or saturation is wrong in those pictures, however, so they might look lighter than they really are.