LightScribe sees disappointing start, but looks ready to take off



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 When LightScribe was introduced  early 2004 by HP, it seemed like a useful feature that would get users to  purchase drives that feature it.  LightScribe is a feature where the writer  can...
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I think what they need to realise is that the market for people that wnt to buy grainy, black and white printing for CDs and DVDs is very small. The burners and the media is expensive, and for the same price people could just buy inject printable media and print full colour graphics on there discs using a ink jet printer. LightScribe was a nice idea, but it wasn’t colour, and so I don’t think it will ever take off.


I don’t mind black and white color, not a problem, especially since it’s way better than my sharpie anyway. However: 1. I simply can’t wait 30 minutes for it to complete. 2. I value burn quality above anything else and so far I don’t see TY announcing lightscribe CD/DVDs 3. The price premium on lightscribe media is too much The combination of these three factors makes me stay away from lightscribe.


I agree with thyfleshconsumed but to say the disks are grainy bcn_246 is simply not true mate.


The only problem is that the media is expensive compared to the cost of inkjet printing your discs. Disc manufacturers are not interested in this media so if it takes off at all… its going to take lots of time.


I still cant understand why there is not an attempt to integrate a miniaturised inkjet printing head into an optical writer; in which case the speed and flexibility should be on par with that of an inkjet CD label printer. Ink cartridge replacement is a problem though :wink:


Maybe a 5-1/4 size cd/dvd printer to put under your DVD±RW would be a nice idea :slight_smile:


This article is interesting. But I will tell you that, at least in my local area (the SF Bay Area), the HP dvd640e Lightscribe burner is the ONLY burner that is visibly selling off the shelves. The other burners are just sitting there. Go figure!


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