Lightscribe ?s

I ham pretty excited about this Lightscribe labeling I have been reading about - wow, no labels :iagree: . The problem is that I have a DVD/cd burner already installed that is working fine and I don’t want to start a new set of PC problems. Does anyone know if there is a Lightscribe unit available that will burn the disc labels only - just a Lightscrbe printer without a DVD/CD writer included?

Im not too fond of the lightscribe discs - i still prefer my “White Inkjet Printable” media…

I guess that doesnt really answer your question though :slight_smile:

I doubt it…hp introduced lightscribe…if it takes off, pretty pics aside, doubt a stand alone printer soon…

Lightscribe BURNS an image onto the disc, not a label. If you want you can get a lightscribe EXTERNAL burner plug it into a USB 2 and away you go. :slight_smile:

re lightscribe you need to use special discs which are costly at the moment also the image is in mono and takes a while to do.
recomend you try an inkjet printer that will print onto inkjet printable discs (these cost the same as standard discs in uk as they are more popular epson r200 r 220 r 300 and some cannon models do a search on cd dvd printing

lightscribe in my opinion seems to be dying a death if it was more popular i am sure they would add another laser to save flipping the disc and maybe scribe at the same time

ps i would never put labels on any dvd disc this causes them to unbalance and skip and sometimes with heat they peel off damaging your player

My lable printer is about the size of a long crayon, and has sharpie printed on it…:slight_smile: