LightScribe question

Hi guys,

sorry for the noobish question. I guess that the answer would be “no” but I do preffer to ask and be sure even if I look stupid than not asking and keep myself in doubt.

I have a DH16NS10 LG driver and my question is if it can be used LightScribe with such drive.

I suppose that given that some new drives has the “lightscribe” on them that the old ones can not do such a thing but given than in the past some “new features” were available on “old” drives with changes in firmware or just available but not designed in principle to have it… well just wanted to be certain before buying the media lightscribe discs or even buying a capable lightscribe drive.

Thanks in advance for the info… keep the good work!!

Lightscribe is hardware and software. Don’t think this drive will ever be able to Lightscribe.

Thanks pfloyd,

It was as I suspected but now I am certain about it…