Lightscribe Question

I created the dvd image to burn onto my lightscribe dvd recorder using Nero Essentials 7 (Nero Cover Design Essentials) (I don’t find the software easy to use at all, I’m some what graphically challenged <grin>)

I am using an LG GSA E40L dvd recorder.

I burned it to the dvd and was pretty happy with it.

I decided to make the bottom row of text white, since the black text was not as easy to read over the picture.

I saved the image

I am trying to make a second dvd with the same image on it but it only burns the words, not the pictures?

Is there some sort of setting I need to switch on?

Thanks for any help.


Download and try “SureThing Labeler”, it’s the easiest label program there is and it works with LightScribe. Make sure you download and install the LightScribe control panel from the LightScribe site before you try to burn a disc with SureThing. (It may already be on your system since you installed Nero, but you should make sure you have the latest version which makes the LightScribe image darker.)

I suggest you create a basic DVD template in SureThing with all the DVD-video logos and such that you want, then adding a title and artwork will take you about 2 minutes from then on…