Lightscribe problems

I bought two lite-on SHM-165H6S drives, the first one acted like it was bad so I bought another so I could return the first one.
The second one acts just like the first one.

I installed the drive, Installed the nero software that came with it, which installed the lightscribe service.

I printed a disk or two and then it started printing them incomplete. The entire outer edge was not burned.

I then went to and the latest update, and even updated the drives firmware. Still does the same thing.

Then I though it was my PC that was the problem, so I put the drive and everything else into another computer (both XP with plenty of power), it did the same thing. ALSO this second pc would crash every time i tried to open any explorer based app like my computer, my documents, control panel, etc.

It’s hard to believe that two new drives are bad.

Anyone had similar problems? Or should I just return them both for another brand drive?

Well, I’ve got the same drive and I’ve not had any problems with it like that, so… unlikely as it is, maybe they -are- defective? Make sure it’s none of the usual issues, though – update your motherboard chipset drivers, make sure the drive is in UDMA mode and not PIO, etc… but if I’m reading the above correctly, the discs are useable, just not LightScribe printed properly? Very odd indeed.

How do I check that?
Yes, board and other stuff is all up to date on both pc’s.

Go to device manager – my computer, right click, properties, hardware tab, device manager. Look for the IDE channels, right click, properties, advanced tab on whatever channel the drive is connected to. Make sure it say “UDMA when available” or similar and something like “UDMA33” or “66”, not “PIO4” or similar.

…on second thought, this probably isn’t possible with an external enclosure. I’m not sure if they work via an emulated IDE bus or what. Sorry.

The drives are not external, they are internal IDE.
Here is a pic of what the disks look like after burning.
This is even after doing a lightscribe update from nero’s site.
I will try the UDMA thing.

The first drive says multi-word DMA mode 2.
The second one says Ultra DMA mode.

The lightscribe burner is the slave, so channel 1 (not 0) should be it, which is the second one I mention above.

Reinstall the Lightscribe engine.

I did, several times.

So basically you tried the Lightscribe Function with Nero only, right?
My advive would be to download the Surething CD Labeler, there is a “free” Version linked on the LS Site and try again.
I dont know any1 who got LS working with that stupid Nero, including myself. :rolleyes:

What brand of Lightscribe discs are you using? Have you tried a different brand, or at least a different package? I prefer the Verbatim Lightscribe DVDs, personally.

I’ve got two 165h6s drives that both print Lightscribe just fine, albeit slowly. And although I got Nero to work with Lightscribe, the free Surething package on the Lightscribe web site is [I]much[/I] better than Nero for labeling.