Lightscribe problems

hey guys im really new at this so go easy…
i recently purchased a new hp a1132n desktop computer and it has a lightscribe dvd burner. i got dvd x copy xpress and tryed to copy scarface and it worked but halfwayr through the movie it freezes. i posted my problem at and they said that i shouldnt use media rated over 4x and that my firmware may need to be updated. so my question is that is there any firmware available for my burner and what else do i need? i tried to search yself but i couldnt really find anything. im open to suggestions. thanks for ur time.

If there is a firmware, it is probably on HP’s website. You could try their chat. It usually is pretty good for simple stuff like firmware updates. I would personally use DVD Shrink in combination with DVD Decrypter to burn the discs. It may be you have some crappy media. I’d try some different discs. I had that drive as well. It burned fine for me. I took it back because it took 30 minutes for the lightscribe to burn. Good Luck.

What has all this to do with lightscribe?