Lightscribe problem on GSA-H22L

Didn’t find here any lightscribe problems\solutions, so not sure i’m posting in a right place, but anyway.
I’ve burnt 2 Verbatims dvd’s with lightscribe, wasn’t satisfied with the quality(low contrast), and burnt them again.Right after that, a concentric scratches have appeared. Actualy, they are not scratches, but an unburnt circles. Why burner misses these places, and how to fix it -this is a question.
Additional burning doesn’t help - these low-contrast circles stay.
And, finally, this thing start happen on a new, unburnt, media. So every new lightscribe image comes out with these bleak circles. Usage of Lightscribe contrast utility doesn’t help. Reburning doesn’t help too, as i sad. I use only verbatim(btw, all dvds i burnt are identical.).
I use Nero6 cover design, lightscribe system software installed.(i’m not sure, but it seems that problem appeared after installing this update. Could it be so? And how to remove it to check it?)
Any ideas?:slight_smile:
And excuse me for poor english.


I have never heard of a reburning process. This could be a huge mistake.

this could be the best way to]increase contrast;)

LightScribe just isn’t any better, it burns with rings in dark areas. Very few image types are suitable for LS’ing. Better start from one of the templates available for download and add text to those.

what do you mean by “image type”? And why it burns with no rings at first time?

High contrast (like black & white, with the least possible greyscale content) and without large dark areas. Repeating the burn will not only make the image clearer, but also the burn marks unfortunately.

“Repeating the burn will not only make the image clearer” - you’re wrong, it actually will. And it is a dvd in front of me, it has large dark region with the gradient to white. And rings are only present on gradient area.

“Repeating the burn will not only make the image clearer” - yes, that means it will make the image clearer, you are correct :slight_smile: . You will find more comments and some scans/photos of LS’ed discs in the CD & DVD Printing and Labeling Forum here: Maybe you can try with the latest LS v1.2 discs to improve the result.

aahh, excuse my poor english, misunderstood you:) thx for link a lot

Just found this thread…
Is that true? So every burner will have this problem? It just depends on the image and the burner is actually okay if this happens?

Hi, someone at the other forum had the same problem as yours. Then, my friend posted the solution for that.

Hope that helps.

I will try that out!

Hello friends.
I just had the same problem with my Asus 18x Lightscribe drive.
I wanted to make a dvd for my girlfriend. I used Photoshop for creating the layers and Surething Labeler to burn and add layers. But the result was horrible. I burned a lot of LSs with this drive. Some of them are great some are horrible.
I burned 3-4 dvds this time, with same image. I was using the contrast utility too and best quality.
But then i discovered something. It’s not good if i burn the layers. So i exported the image as jpeg and then burn this image.
The result is GREAT.
So the answer is simple (at least for my drive): burn jpeg;)