LightScribe problem, not recognized disc


My recorder is Lg-H20L firmware 1.01, I use Nero 7.5.02 and LightScribe drivers ver.

When I print the lightscribe label in nero cover designer show error
“LightScribe disc information encoded in the middle of the disc could not be read. Please ensure that the disc is a LightScribe disc…”

Also SureThing show error
“The disc in the LightScribe is not recognized. Please ensure that the disc is a LightScribe disc”

I put cd’s upsidedown and I use IMATION CD-R Lightscribe

When I put cd, drive read about few second and then nothing hapening.

Please help me :bow:
i have to apologize for my bad english :doh:

Welcome to CDF, Lyssy! :slight_smile:

Hmmm. According to, there could be a number of reasons for this.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Dirt, smudges, or scratches on disc; The center pinwheel feature of the disc contains timing functions as well as identification “bar code” information that the drive must be able to “read”.

Wipe both the label and data sides of the LightScribe disc with a water-damped soft cloth, especially the pinwheel features at the center of the disc.
Retry using the same disc. Sometimes recognition errors are recoverable with subsequent tries.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Non LightScribe media inserted.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Use only LightScribe media with LightScribe coating on label surface.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Disc not flipped after data burning. The laser that writes and reads data is used for Lightscribe labeling. The disc must be flipped after burning data to burn a LightScribe label.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Make sure the LightScribe disc is data side (shiny) up and label side down before burning a LightScribe label.
POSSIBLE CAUSE: Drive not installed properly.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: See LightScribe Drive is not detected by my computer or Labeling Application.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: The LightScribe System Software (LSS) needs to be updated.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Download and install the latest LSS update. This is available from your hardware and software provider. A universal version is also available through this web site.
POSSIBLE CAUSE: Your labeling software needs to be updated.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Check with the vendor of your labeling software for updates.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Your drive’s firmware needs to be updated.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Check with your drive’s manufacturer for possible firmware updates.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Defective Media.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: If several pieces of media from the same package are not recognized, and none of the preceding possible solutions have corrected the problem, this may indicate a quality problem with the media. Please contact the media manufacturer for support or exchange at your local retailer.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Defective Drive.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: If all media from the same package are not recognized, and all hardware installation troubleshooting solutions have been checked this may indicate a defective drive. Please contact your hardware manufacture for more detailed support and a possible warranty replacement.

Quite a few things to look at there, although I see you have the latest version of the LS drivers.

I’d take a wild guess it’s the media. You might want to try some Verbatim or HP Lightscribe discs. :slight_smile:

Thanx for your help Arachne
but I read this on before I wrote here. And nothing help. Tommorow I will try with other lightscribe disk like Verbatim, maybe you have right and cd is bad. This is my firtst lightscribe disc and I don’t know what is wrong I hope so that recorder is OK.


Doh! I’ll bet it is the media, though…buy some Verbatim, and even if you have to exchange the drive for a new one, it’ll work with that :slight_smile:

Who manufactured the disc?
Moser Baer, CMC, MCC?


If you put one of the Imation discs in your drive, download and run CD-DVD Speed, you will find the MID info under the “Disc Info” tab.

Can you post this information? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : CD-ROM
Capacity: : 67:44.46
: 595 MB
: 624324608 bytes
Extended Information
Tracks : 1 (0 audio, 1 data)
Sessions : 1

But in Nero info tool:

Manufacturer ID: n/a

No, no :slight_smile: , we’ll need the Manufacturer and MID code.

Yes, that might explain why the disc isn’t supported for LightScribe. Here’s a screenshot of a Verbatim LightScribe CD. I’m afraid you’ll have to buy some other discs for LS to work.

Can you try this with an empty CD (if you have one)?

Yes you have right, I put sony DVD-RW, and all info is there. I’ll try with other Lightscribe disc

Thanks for help:)

Yes, burning the CD already changed its status to CD-ROM and therefor it’s not showing the same information as it would when being an empty CD-R.

I suppose/hope this is the only Imation disc that you have bought, so try to find a Verbatim as this brand is supported very well by most hard- and software.

Yes this is the only Imation disc that I have bought. Tommorow I will buy Verbatim or HP disc.

Let us know if it works, please. :slight_smile:

Good idea :slight_smile:

Thanks, Cressida :wink:

A burned CD-R wouldn’t normally show up as a CD-ROM in Nero CD-DVD Speed in my experience.

@Lyssy, do you have any sort of virtual CD/DVD drive emulator software installed like Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools? Do you have the option “Ignore Media Type” enabled?
The name can be different in other CD/DVD drive emulators, e.g. Hide ATIP, Hide CD-R media etc.

If you do have such software installed and that option enabled, try disabling it and see if Nero CD-DVD Speed shows a CD-R instead of a CD-ROM, and then see if LightScribe labeling works.

You’re right :flower: , wrong assumption on my part. Lyssy’s screenshot looks like it’s from a pressed CD :confused: .