Lightscribe print preview

It don’t work?
The only time I get any sort of response from it is by clicking the tab when I have no media in the drive - it has a moan about it. If I then load a disc and re-click the tab, it completely ignores me. :confused: There’s also an option to preview just before you print. It ignores that too. Am I missing something?

XP SP2 - Nero 6 ultra - LightScribeAPI

Everyone else gettin good lightscribe previews then?

Please, read this thread:

You will find there the new version.

Thanks for the heads up on this version. It has made no diff whatsoever.

This is quite odd though. Despite it’s version number, according to my Nero Product Center it’s not the latest available version. :confused:

Bermp! :confused:

does this nero product center exist in nero7?



yes it is found through oen of the buttons below “check now”

can u tell me exactly where? :slight_smile:

I’m new to 7



I can’t even get Nero v7 to realise that I have a Lightscribe SHW-16H5S !! Nero said that the version 6 that I had had a restricted licence and advised me the upgrade, as yet to no avail.

Getting a wee bit OT here, but AFAIK LightScribe works with Nero or later so you should be OK, but you may need to d/l LS_HSI.EXE from Nero before it kicks in proper. I can’t be 100% on this coz I only ran v7 for a day before going back to the more stable v6.6.

Anyway. LightScribe Print Preview anyone?

No. Preview doesn’t work with my LG 4166/1.01 and Nero

Works with Surething 4 SE

You mean this?