Lightscribe "print error" on Lite-on SHW16H5S

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone would mind providing a little bit of expert help to a newbie.

i am trying to burn a lightscribe label on an LiteOn SHW-16H5S but everytime I try, I receive a “print process failure”. I am using Nero’s label cover designer supplied with the drive.

It was worked in the past but i I have not used it for several months. Now it fails everytime (although the time of the failure varies but is normally around 5 mins - just enough to mess up the disc!!).

I have read about firmware upgrades, but here is the second problem. When I use Lite-on’s firmware upgrade, it does not detect the drive.

I am using an XPS Gen2 laptop with the drive housed in an external casing, linked by USB 2.

Does anyone know what I can do? Is there a buffer somewhere that is too small? Do I need some more firmware (I would tell you what I have but I am too much of an idiot to know where to look :confused: )

Really appreciate you help


Hi :slight_smile:
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Possibly the easiest thing to try is SureThingSE (this is free) s/w. This is very popular with a lot of users.
Also take a look here.
Looking at your post as a whole it looks like USB is playing up. Try uninstalling (via device manager) & letting Windows find & reinstall (by rebooting).
Not only should you still have LS functioning through Nero. But flashing using USB shouldn’t be a problem either.

Great thanks for the help. I have downloads Surelabel but I was wondering whether it is my copy of Nero or whether something more sinister.

I will have a look at uninstalling the drive but I cant ever remember installing anything. Its strange. I managed one full label print last night but it took about 10 times… nice concentric circles of gradient (looks like a shade!),



Hi :slight_smile:
Sometimes things just seem to happen as if they’ve a life of their own. My suggestions are based on a process of elimination. 1: By uninstalling USB via device manager hopefully this would rule out h/w problems. 2: Using Surething may rule out s/w.
You don’t have to done anything, maybe on shutting down an error occured (so self induced by pc). Who knows?