LightScribe original DVD Labels?

Is it possible to use the original image on a DVD movie for a LightScribe project? Perhaps if the DVD you were backing-up was scanned into your PC you could use this image for LightScribe? Anybody Know about this?

That definitely should be possible, although I haven’t burned any LightScribe discs (yet).

Since the original image usually is in multiple colors and LightScribe single color only, the result may or may not be optimal.

That should be a good possibility. My scanner is not very good. I go here:

This has some lightscribe covers,not many:

I locate the correct disc cover/let it download/right click “Save As” to a folder for your disc covers/and use your lightscribing software to fish that cover out of that specific folder. This is one of the best Free covers sites that I am aware of,lots of choices.

I print on: Lightscribe/Shiny inkjet printable/and White-full hub Inkjet printable media. Depending on what the covers I download-looks like,determines how I want to print onto them.

If you can’t locate the cover you want,here’s some other sites:

Downloading or scanning your covers,when you use lightscribe-all the covers will be different shades of brown and some black. You get a 3d image.

I get the same 3D look with my shiny inkjet printables,along with all the color. That’s why I don’t burn a lot of lightscribe. The shiny kicks a** for cover quality.

Wow, thank you for the info! Very helpful response!

No problemo anabolism!

Lightscribe- My backups wasn’t as sharp as my dad’s-who also has the HP 640c lightscribe. I had to download an extra enhancement utility called Lightscribe ELCU to help get a clearer/sharper picture.It took it from 30 mins to 40 mins,but I got a better picture. I was scribing them twice in a row,so that’s an hour.

You’ll see all different covers for a certain title there at Full hubs/Reg hubs/Full covers/Pal/NTSC/different country/etc. The lightscribes are regular hub.Some of the titles on those covers may get cut off on the inner circle on the template of your scribing program.

Go for the Highest resolution. Some of those cd covers are 2.5+ mbs in size.If you have a couple 2 or 3 choices,download all of them. Fish them out in your scribing program like Surething label maker and see how they look when sitting on the template screen. You don’t want to cut out part of the title.

That’s why I use full hub inkjet printable-darker covers,and ones with entire pic-no hole. Shiny inkjet printable for the lighter covers,and lightscribe for the special pics like the bronze saw blade for the movie Saw II. I download the covers way before the movies are released,then I get my game plan on how I want to label them. The sucky movies, I use a sharpie!!! LOL

Good Luck and Burn on my friend!