LightScribe or Labelflash?

Does anyone know which one of these gives better results over the other? :bow:

Here a link to a review between the two that was posted here recently.

Neither stand any comparison against inkjet printable, not least of which being that prinable can be done in full colour.

The capability of tattoing the data side with Labelflash is a plus, the fact that it only covers DVD media and not CD-R though is a minus.

If you insist on labelling in the drive, lightscribe media is a lot easier to find than labelflash.

I’d rate both of them as good for curiosity value only - if you really want to label without the risks and problems of applied sticky ones, the only way to go is one of the CD-capable printers and inkjet printable media that’s widely available at minimal price premium.

Taking SVP as an example
Lightscribe media
The Verbatim MCC003 single JC at £0.56 is a good example for comparison if they have it in the other versions.
The 16x single JC, MCC004, is £0.39 in printable version - closest one to compare a 16x of the same pedigree, cheaper by a considerable margin - and the difference seems to be more marked for the spindles.

No direct comparison in non-printable

That just depends on where you live…